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specialising in portrait and landscape photography - Here is a little ABOUT ME

I am a Photographer based in Waipu, Northland in our beautiful Country, New Zealand. I moved here after living in Auckland for some time, it was the childhood memories of Waipu and Langs Beach that I knew I had come home.

My interest in photography came about when my Grandmother used to talk about when she worked in a Photography store in England. She would share tales of the dark room and the development of film which fascinated me like you wouldn’t believe! Those stories stayed with me, though I didn't pick up a DSLR camera until much later (and that was film not digital). This started me on my personal development with photography while also working full time in my role at that time.

I was once asked "Sarah, what is your dream and what are you most passionate about?" which then led to me being told I need to buy myself a camera, and that is exactly what I did! Friends started to notice my photographs, they even started requesting their own and purchasing my work. Being self-taught just made me realise that I absolutely LOVE photography with a passion and maybe, I can actually take a photo.

My happy place is the beach, so naturally my photography is focused on Coastal Landscape. I decided to head to the local markets at Mangawhai held every Sunday, I had a small card table selling my photography on photo blocks only, and oh so nerve wracking I can tell you! Wow, how times have changed, moving on to photographic canvases, branding, purchasing a gazebo, business cards etc and before I know it I'm running a small business.

I love the markets and the interaction you have with customers, and even other stall holders. I still feel so thrilled when I get such comments like "WOW", "You have the eye", "Your photography is amazing", "Your work is so natural", and it really puts me on a high, feeling proud that this is my own work. Head down to the local Waipu Boutique Sunday Market, I would love for you to come say hi and see what I do!

I have recently ventured back into Portrait Photography for someone that is so SHY, yes it’s true, it’s inspiring how far I have come, and many returning customer's I'm sure will agree!

Enough about me, please find a selection of my photography in the galleries below. If you have any questions at all I will be thrilled to hear from you.

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